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   Ambewela Farm and Ambewela New Zealand Farm


Ambewela Sri Lanka
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 Ambewela Farms
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Ambewela Farms of Sri Lanka

Ambewela Farms

There is a two farms at Ambewela and those are called New Zealand farm and Ambewela farms. New Zealand farm is at 1km from Ambewela and Ambewela farm is at before Ambewela. Rabbits, Cattles, Cows, Pigs, Goats and grass lands, vegetable farm, seed potatoes producing center and nice reservoir is available on Ambewela farm. No special permission needed to enter Ambewela Farms. In 12:30 PM of every day demonstrates the get cow milk in electronic machine. Cheese factory, Goat yard and thousands of animals can be seen in Ambewela farms. Largest grass lands of Sri Lanka also a part of Ambewela farms.

Ambewela Cattles

Ambewela Grass Lands

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