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Rest Houses at closed to Nuwaraeliya
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   Map | Geographical Location | Route - Kanneliya


Kanneliya Forest Reserve Sri Lanka
 About Kanneliya
 Importance of Kanneliya
 Beauty of Kanneliya
 Snakes of Kanneliya
 Fishes of Kanneliya
 Peaks and Waterfalls
 Way To Kanneiya
 Map (Location)

Geographical View and Satellite Map of Kanneliya Sri Lanka.

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Access via Galle --> Udugama --> Thawalama Rd (Kanneliya) 20 KM

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Come to Matara  --> Akuressa --> Thawalama Rd (Kanneliya)

Kanneliya Way

Interested About Kanneliya, Contact DULIP - 0779339929 (Just Information),Vishan (Experienced Guide) - 0774614930 or Sathiska - 0777989680 (Web Master)

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