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Karunadasa rest rooms at Pattipola

Mr. Karunadasa's home of Pattipola has rooms to reside. Pattipola is closest town to the Horton plains and after pattipola there is no any building also. Horton plains forest is started from Pattipola area. Ice gutter, railway station, bars and restaurants are available at Pattipola. There are 10.5km to Horton plains and 8km to Thotupola mountain and 22km to Kirigalpoththa mountain from Pattipola area. Rooms are available with Rs.1500/=

Pattipola rest rooms


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 In Pattipola place there are 10.5km to Horton plains, 22km to Kirigalpoththa mountain and 8km to Thotupola mountain. Pattipola has highest railway station of Sri Laka and passing Ambewela farms, factory and reservior then arrive to Pattipola area.
Ambewela resevior

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Address :

R. L. Karunadasa

Tel : 0524900110

Pattipola rest houses

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If you like to resides in Cool places like Nuwaraeliya, Ambewela, Pattipola, Haputale, Bandarawela and such places, Please contact us for finding a place to reside in there.

Booking Hotline : 0777451354 (MIGARA)


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