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   This is the place which describes the rest houses, Hotels, Guest houses, lodge, bungalows, Rooms and residing camps of several tourist places of Sri Lanka.

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Special Rest Houses

  Super Hotels for High class family Hotel pictures of Sri Lanka
  Rest house for General family / group
  Rooms of Houses for family / group
  Camping sites for tourists
  Temple / Large halls all for trips
  Small Halls for groups
  Luxury Rooms for couples
  Normal rooms for couples
  Rooms for Honeymoon


Advertisement - The Log House

  The Log house of Nuwaraeliya is at near Gregory lake of Nuwaraeliya town. Al the Log house is created with timber at surrounded at a lot of tea estates. About 10 person can be reside it and about $30 for Sri Lankan and $50 for foreign may be charged daily on it.    The log of Nuwaraeliya


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Devenda Rest at Ambewela

Devendra Rest of Ambewela

Devendra rest house is very comfortable hetel at Ambewela region. This is situated at Ruwaneliya (7km - Nuwaraeliya, 6km to Ambewela) region. Devendra rest is very closed to Mepilimana reservoir and it has minimum of charges in room. Every room has TV.   click here

Gregory Lake side Hotel

Gregory lake Inn of Nuwaraeliya

  Gregory lake side inn is a hotel of Nuwaraeliya and which is at near Gregory lake of Nuwaraeliya. All facilities and several packages are available on it. Car park, Breakfast, lunch, dinner, bathrooms, hot water bathing and more things are available on it.   click here


Contacting Persons

If you like to resides in Cool places like Nuwaraeliya, Ambewela, Pattipola, Haputale, Bandarawela and such places, Please contact us for finding a place to reside in there.

Ambewela Booking Hotline : 0777451354 (MIGARA)



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Rest Houses 

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