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Insect Trapper (Bandura)

Insect Trapper

Insect trapper is a plant species and which is supplied their food as catching small insects by flower. Sinhalese name of flora type is 'Bandura'. The flower of Insect trapper is green colored and it seems beautiful. Small insects attractive to its color and come to get honey of something from it. But.... It cannot fly again. Then plant supples food from it. In tropical rain forest we can see those plants.  

Orchid (Udawediya)

Orchid is a very beautiful flower of Sri Lanka and all around the world. Orchid flowers are very expensive in world wide although in Sri Lanka it's growing at forest areas. In Sinharaja forest and such tropical low land rain forests easily visit Orchid types. Scientific name of the Orchid is Dendrobium macarthiae and sided picture is taken from Sinharaja forest of Sri Lanka. 


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