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   Sinharaja Tropical Rain Forest, Pitadeniya Entrance

SINHARAJA Forest- Pitadeniya Entrance

Sinharaja Pitadeniya Entrance
 About Sinharaja
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 Residential Places
 Waterfalls of Sinharaja
 Pollution of Sinharaja
 Way To Sinharaja
 Map (Location)

Tour of Sinharaja Tropical Rain Forest - Pitadeniya Entrance

Sinharaja Rain forest Pitadeniya Entrance

Sinharaja involves 3 districts. They are Galle, Matara and Rathnapura. Boundaries of Sinharaja rain forest is as follows.

1. Southwest -  Low and wet zone, Sabaragamuwa and southern province
2. North - Nspolagamuwa, Koskulana Ganga
3. South - South West - Gin Ganga
4. West - Kalukanduwawa Ganga
5. East - Barley Tea Estate

  6 21 N -  6 26 N
  80 21 N -  80 34 N

Sinharaja Access routes
Access is maintained official from three provinces as Southern province, Western province and Sabaragamuwa province.

 1. Southern access route is maintained via Deniyaya.

 2. From Sabaragamuwa province, via Rathnapura, Kalawana and Kiriella regions.

 3. Also from Udawalawe and Hambantota. This route directs to Rakwana.

Sinharaja Geography and Topography

   Sinharaja forest extends up to the Southern central massif. It covers the mountain peaks up to 1200 meters above MSL. Rakwana 432m above MSL. Rathnapura 301m above MSL. Deniyaya 653m above MSL. Pinipitigala 1171m above MSL.

   So, generally we can say that Sinharaja extends from about 200 - 1000 meters above mean Sea Level.


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