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   Horton Plains Tour via Ohiya Jungle, Sri Lanka

Horton Plains Tour via Ohiya Forest

Horton Plains Caves inside Forest
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Tour of Horton Plains via Ohiya Forest (Secret and amazing)

Horton Plains is highest protected grass lands of Sri Lanka. This area is covered with monatone grass lands. Horton plains is at 30Km from Nuwaraeliya area and 20Km from Boralanda. There are 3 main accessing routes available to access Horton Plains and another 3 secret nature trails also available. Main accessing areas available from Nuwaraeliya via Pattipola and Ambewela, from Bandarawela (Haputale) via Welimada or Boralanda and Ohiya and from Kalupahana via Udaweria Estate and Upper Ohiya. Another 3 secret accessing rotes available via Nanperial Estate (Down Side of Horton Plains / 7hour walking journey), via Diagama Agarapathana / 6hour walking journey and via Ohiya forest / 4hour walking journey. In this tour we discribes about 3rd one. That is travel Horton Plains via Ohiya and Ohiya forest.

Ohiya Railway Bridge of Sri Lanka

This journey is started from Ohiya Railway station. Train from Collombo arrives into Ohiya railway station from Colombo at 8:30 AM from Badulla at 8:45 AM. The one and only bus arrived to Ohiya from Welimada at 8:25 AM. Starting point of this travel is at 2Km away from Ohiya railway station. Travel Horton Plains via this trail is prohibited. But some persons travel this way. The direct way (B grade road) to Horton plains via Ohiya contains 10.5 Km distance. But this jounrney contains less than that and need to travel via Ohiya forest.

First need to come closed to Ohiya railway bridge at 2Km away to Pattiola side at Ohiya. Then need to travel upper trail starts from Ohiya end of railway tunnel closed railway bridge of Ohiya. Then there is a nature trail to travel to Horton Plains via forest. Special Fauna, Flora, Caves, Butterflies, endemic varieties and peaks can be seen in this area. Less than 4 hours of walk traveller can be access Horton Plains via this trail. Need to buy a ticket before entering Horton Plains.

Hiking, Bird Watching, Butterfly Watching, Researching, Find some Endemic varieties can be done easy in this type of Journey.

Starting Point of Horton Plains Trip


Photographs and Information : © Sudheera Gunasekara [TEAM SARISARA]


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