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   Udamala Mountain tour of Sri Lanka


Udamala Mountain of Sri Lanka
 About Udamala Mountain
 Places To Visit Udamala
 Natural Beauty
 Waterfalls and Beauties
 Residential Places
 Environment Pollution
 Way To Udamala
 Map (Location)

Udamala Mountain of Sri Lanka

Udamala mountain is situated at between Pattipola and Bogahakumbura and it is at the border of Nuwaraeliya and Badulla districts of Sri Lanka. This mountain is high about 2000m (7500Ft) above Sri Lanka.

Mountains of Sri Lanka

Udamala mountain involves 2 districts and 2 climate zones. They are Badulla and Nuwaraeliya districts and Wet and Dry zones. One half of this mountain at Nuwaraeliya district and other half is at Badulla district.

1. East -  Alawathugoda Bogahakumbura - Badulla district
2. North - Ambewela - Nuwareliya District
3. South - Nasdanda Mountain - Badulla District
4. West - Pattipola railway station - Nuwaraeliya district

Udamala Mountain

Udamala mountain is very beautiful hacking although there are no tourist climb it because local and international community has not knew about this. Online local visitors who are closed to Udamala mountain are visited this places several times. South-west and North-east monsoons supplies rain to this falls. There fore this mountain becomes a rain forest.

Mountain views of Sri Lanka

Views of Sri Lanka

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