Lipton’s Seat is a Most  famos view point of Badulla district and popular visiting place closed to Haputale Sri Lanka. Lipton Seat is an observation point and atleast 7 districts can be seen in this location. On the way to Lipton Seat there is a popular tea factory called Dambethanna Tea Factory which is largest tea factory of Badulla distict. Arriving Liptons seat before 10:00 for view large location is recomended.

lipton Seat

lipton Seat - Dambethanna Haputale

Way to Lipton Seat : Option 01

1. Come to Haputale

Colombo –> Balangoda –> Haputale Town <– Bandarawela <- Badulla

Haputale is at Central Highlands of Uva province at 188km from Colombo – Bandarawela Road. About 12km to Bandarawela from Haputale.

2. To Dambethanne

Dambethanna is at 9km away from Haputale. Turn to right side from Haputale Bus stand from Colombo side. This 9km can be reach from any single door or double door bus. (About 5-8 busses {Private / SLTB} available to Dambethanna from Haputale)

Dambethanna Tea Factory

Dambethanna Tea Factory

Dambethanna Tea Factory is distination point of the busses and about 6km need to travel by another mothod for person who travel by busses to Dambethanna. Dambethanna Tea facory also visiting place of people and available to visit. Can be visit whole tea production process at this factory. Rosa Jounneys, Lorries and single busses available to travel lipton seat. The charged Rs. 2500/= – Rs. 3000/= per journey. Also available difficult short cut to Lipton set.

Dambethanna - Bandaraeliya Factory

Dambethanna Tea Factory

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