Pattipola Circuit Bungalow, Sri Lankan highest and coolest wildlife circuit bungalow available to Sri Lnakan visitors.

In-front of Pattipola Circuit Bungalow of Sri Lnka

Pattipola Circuit Bungalow of Sri Lanka

Pattipola has less number of rest houses and accommodation facilities. There are only two rest houses available in Pattipola Sri Lanka. Pattipola is at onthe way to Horton plains of Sri Lanka. There are about 10km to Horton plains from Pattipola and 3km to Ambewela railway station. Pattipola railway station is highest railway station of Sri Lanka. There are several special places available at Pattipola area.

  • Pattipola Kande Ela tunnel ( Made by earlier villagers)
  • Pattipola 18th Tunnel
  • Ambewela Farms
  • Ambewela Highland Milk powder factory
  • Udamala Mountain
  • Summit Level (1898m above SL)
  • Horton Plains (10km)
  • Pattipola Sri Lanka

    Pattipola Sri Lanka

    Pattipola Circuit Bungalow and Accommodation
    Pattipola Circuit Bungalow available at closed to Pattipola railway station. 5 person can rest at circuit bungalow of Pattipola. This bungalow is property of Wild Life department of Sri Lanka.

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Sinharaja Birds Paradise is a lounge available at Kudawa closed to Sinharaja Rain forets of Sri Lanka.

Sinharaja Forest rest houses lodges and Bungalows

Sinharaja forest rest houses

Sinharaja Rain forest is most important tropical rain forest in Sri Lanka. Main Entrance into Sinharaja Forest is available from Rathnapura –> Kalawana –> Kudawa Entarnce.

The Birds Paradise – LOUNGE at Sinharaja is small place to rest, visit the beauty of Sinharaja with cheap cost.

Contact info :0718018186 (Read Full Article for prizes and photos)
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