Sinharaja Birds Paradise is a lounge available at Kudawa closed to Sinharaja Rain forets of Sri Lanka.

Sinharaja Forest rest houses lodges and Bungalows

Sinharaja forest rest houses

Sinharaja Rain forest is most important tropical rain forest in Sri Lanka. Main Entrance into Sinharaja Forest is available from Rathnapura –> Kalawana –> Kudawa Entarnce.

The Birds Paradise – LOUNGE at Sinharaja is small place to rest, visit the beauty of Sinharaja with cheap cost.

Contact info :0718018186 (Read Full Article for prizes and photos)

Sinharaja Hotels and Guest Houses

Sinharaja Hotels of Sri Lanka

Prizes and Packages:

Packages and Prices (One room consist of 2 double
Local Visitors Foreign Visitors
Full Buffet Rs.3500/= per Day $60 /day
Half Buffet Rs.3000/= per Day $45 /day
Room Only Rs.2500/= per Day $40 /day

Contact :0718018186

2 Responses to “Birds Paradise – LOUNGE at Sinharaja”

  1. Hi,
    we are the group of 9 people from the Czech republic and we are looking for accomodation and guiding at Sinharaja region (Kudawa?, cca 3 days starting from 8th of July). Can you give me a piece of information?
    Thank you very much…
    Best regards,
    Pavel Simecek

  2. Please contact the phone number at the board

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